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12197 State Highway 195 Killeen, Texas 76542
(254) 526-3856

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Kimberly in Temple, TX *****
James from Killeen Towing & Recovery. Went above and beyond expectations for me tonight. The first call was for a Jump and he used both the portable and his truck to try to jump Start it. When it didn't start he tried a few other things. James came back out for the tow. He's professional as well as courteous. I will be requesting the tow company again. Thank you again for going above and beyond in a already stressful situation. You made it much better.
Donna in Killeen, TX *****
I just purchased a very large and pricey piece of work equiptment that need to be moved, so upon recommendation, I reached out to Killeen Towing and Recovery, talked to Amanda and told her I need the best driver. So Saturday on time Wil showed up with the slide wrecker. He was very polite, patient, and knowledgeable. He did an amazing job! It was not your usual car moving, it was a very heavy crated piece of equiptment with many obstacles to deal with! He was just wonderful! I am very grateful to KTR and Wil. Thank you!
Melisa in Killeen, TX *****
Stephanie, I believe was her name, helped my husband and I out after the water pump blew in his truck. She was very genuine and helpful! She did an excellent job making sure the truck got home safely.
Danielle in Copperas Cove, TX *****
my Chrysler Town & Country broke down at Cove Terrace Shopping Center in Copperas Cove call AAA they told me it would be 2 hours before it got out to me and Killeen Towing and Recovery got to me and Mike 35 minutes it was a really bad day but the tow driver was very nice and friendly and made a crappy situation okay I would definitely recommend using them I wish I could give more than just 5 stars
George in Los Alamos, NM *****
Our VW Passat broke a timing belt and had to be towed. Kenji went way out of his way to help us out. It was near dark when Kenji picked us (my wife and I) up at Liberty Hill. AAA only wanted Killeen KTR to take us to Georgetown. We had 100 mile tow service so we asked Kenji if he would be willing to tow us into Austin since we can get a Rental car there. He said to call AAA and get the orders changed and he would have no problem doing that. We got the orders changed, and he took us to Leonards Garage. He took us to a nearby Enterprise rent a car on Lamar street that we thought would be open. Turns out that only the Airport sites are open that late. He told us he couldn't leave us with no where to go. So, he gave us a ride to the airport rental car site. Very Very nice guy. Thank you Kenji. God bless you.

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